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Tasmania Devil Lead Core Trolling Line 18lb 100yds

TASMANIAN DEVIL LEAD CORE LINE Tasmanian Devil Leadcore is an  innovative line that allows a lure  or  fly to be  trolled  at varying depths without the aid of a paravane...

Scotty Compact 23inch Manual Downrigger 1050

1050 Scotty Depthmaster Downrigger 23" The all time Scotty leader in performance and sales. Compact, versatile and reliable, the perfect introductory downrigger. One foot per turn spool operates easily with...
$450.00 $429.00

Maxima Tapered Leader 9ft

The suppleness of Maxima’s Ultragreen on the tippet section allows the fly to move naturally and appear real on the water. At the butt end, the stiffness of Maxima Chameleon...

Rapala Fishing Line Cutter/Line Clipper

Rapala Fishing Line Cutter/Line Clipper The Rapala fishing clipper is a must have item for all fisherman. It is made from stainless steel with razor sharp cutting edges and a...
FISHINGFishing Rod Combo's

Kingfisher 88mm Jointed Surface Lure

Top water crawler style cod lures such as Kingfisher Mantis Lures mimic natural food sources such as a small bird that is injured, a cicada, moth, butterfly or any other...

Jarvis Walker Braided Nylon VB Cord 2MM X 90Meters

Net Factory 2mm Braided Nylon Cord is a handy accessory to keep in your tackle box, car, boat or shed. You never know when you might need it! It might...
$10.95 $8.95

Berkley Essentials 8inch Straight Long Nose Pliers

Made from carbon steel for strength and durability Cushioned double-dipped handle ergonomically designed to provide a safe and secure grip Long nose design perfect for deep hook removal with serrated...

Berley Essential Line Clippers

The Berkley Essentials Line Clippers are for every angler. These clippers have been designed for performance, value and reliability and are suitable for a range of different applications such as...

Sufix 8 Carrier Braid Line

SFX 8X braid is a eight carrier premium braided fishing line made with 100% Japanese UHMPE fibers. It's smooth surface results in long casts and quiet performance in the line...

Jarvis Walker 7 Inch Fillet Knife with Sheath and Hone Stone

Jarvis Walker 7 Inch Fillet Knife with Sheath and Hone Stone The Jarvis Walker Fillet Knife and Hone Stone pack comes with a sheath to keep the knife protected and...
$14.95 $12.95

Gillies Trout Species 103 Piece Pack

GILLIES TROUT SPECIES PACK Everything you need to catch a trout is in this pack. 100 pieces of tackle including chemically sharpened baitholder hooks, sinkers, swivels and floats packed in...
Premium fishing line from leading brands for freshwater fishing, boat fishing and trolling.
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